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About Unifees

about us

Many students have a dream to study abroad. Unlike other portals, unifees allows you to find and apply to your desired university without any hassle. Founded in early 2021, Unifees offers all of the essential services, including career counseling, profile evaluation, visa assistance and a wide range of payment options. Our associations with a number of institutions and principal agents make the journey more convenient and pleasant. With the support of unbiased career advice, as well as visa and scholarship assistance, you may choose your desired university to study at. We are the world's first platform to introduce cryptocurrency to our wide range of innovative and emerging forms of payment systems.

We make fee payments, rewarding and fast something that has never been done before. We are developing the most substantial and authentic channel to provide the quickest way to transact university fees.

With the experience of nearly two decades in the overseas education industry, our seasoned founding team understood the root problems of the sector and drafted the solution in the form of "FEES" token.

Why Unifees?

Despite millions of cross-border fee transactions being made every day, the transaction process remains cumbersome for many. The transfer process is usually time-consuming; conversion and transfer charges make it an extra burden on the pocket. On the other hand, relying on third-party agents makes it more complicated. Unifees comes up with a solution to this burning problem in the form of proprietary token "FEES", designed on blockchain technology that will provide innovative ways to decipher the existing nodus in this payment transfer process.

Unifees is here to incentivize the fees payment process by creating a transparent environment for everyone.

Benefits of using "FEES" token as a payment method:

  • Lighteing

    Lightning Fast Transaction

  • Get Rewarded

    Get Rewarded

  • Anytime Monitoring

    Anytime Monitoring

  • Incentivise By Paying "FEES"

    Incentivize By Paying "FEES"

  • Innovative Platform

    Innovative Platform

  • Highly Secure

    Highly Secure

  • Save Currency Conversion Charges

    Save Currency Conversion Charges

  • Quick Refund

    Quick Refund


about us

There are multiple ways to pay university fees. The idea behind creating "FEES" is to bridge the gap between students and their dream university. Unifees.io's vision is to provide an impeccable experience of fees transactions to the students and universities. We are here to develop a transparent, secure and decentralized ecosystem for paying fees with the help of our blockchain industry experts.

Benefits of blockchain in the education world:

  • Additional channel to pay university fees
  • Lightning speed transaction
  • Safe and secure
  • Transparent transactions
  • Negligible transaction fees
  • How it works?

    The overseas education industry is gradually increasing in volume and numbers. No one wants to wait for a long time to receive or send tuition fees. To match its pace, there is a requirement to fill the void of slow and third-party dependent transactions, we are introducing blockchain technology in the form of FEES token. Unifees is an innovative and awarded solution to pay fees overseas or within the country.

    To do so, you just need to buy the FEES token from Zilswap and send it to the destination address.

    Reward program:

    about us

    It is true that customers are the backbone of any company. Businesses can grow or fall by customer's participation and loyalty.

    Our reward program is uniquely designed to serve the stakeholders and common users. On every successful fees transaction, students, universities and agents will get lucrative incentives in the form of our native token FEES.

    Our Liquidity providers will get the benefits of unlocking the supply of our token every two months for 10 years. For more details, kindly refer to Unifees whitepaper.


    about us
      • Pre-Sale
      • Liquidity Pool
      • Public Sale
      • Universities/Colleges tie-up drive
      • overseas education agents tie-up drive
      • Staking Pool
      • Launch of the student portal
      • Unifees DEX Launch
      • Launch of Unifees NFT
      • University Partnership Announcements
      • #FEES token deployment on BSC
      • Scholarship Competition


    about us


    JG Whitely

    JG Whitely

    Advisor at Unifees & CEO at PackagePortal

    Core Team

    Anurag Mittal

    Anurag Mittal

    Founder & CEO

    An Experienced Entrepreneur, a Crypto Enthusiast and an Established Leader with a demonstrated history of working in diverse industries like Telecom and Higher Education. Proficient in Advertising, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Operations and Management.

    Animesh Pal

    Animesh Pal

    Co-founder & COO

    Animesh's portfolio ranges from academic efficacy to industrial design. A crypto-geek at heart and vivid supporter of disruptive technology, he is skilled in strategizing and building teams for operations to gun for it.

    Shashank Kumar

    Shashank Kumar

    Co-founder & CSO

    10+ years of global experience, Specialized in creating enterprise security framework, provide strategic leadership to IT Security projects and initiatives.

    Contact Us

    about us

    Email: Contact@unifees.io


    about us

    What is Staking?

    Staking is a method of earning rewards for holding specific cryptocurrencies. For the assets that you stake for a fixed time, native blockchain puts it to work and helps verify the transactions with the help of a "consensus mechanism" called Proof of Stake.

    In other words, staking is the process of holding tokens in a cryptocurrency wallet to support network processes. Users are rewarded for depositing and holding tokens, with constant time-based assured returns. These rewards are calculated based on staking time.

    What is LP?

    LP stands for Liquidity Provider. A person who puts his funds in the liquidity pool to facilitate smooth trading is called a liquidity provider, in return, he gets some compensation rewards.

    A liquidity provider is essential in decentralized exchange, and users need to fund in both pairs equally. For example, if a user wants to provide liquidity worth $1000 in a trading pair of Zilliqa (ZIL) and stable coin XSGD, he needs to provide the assets worth $500 each to allow trading back forth. In simpler words, one can earn passive income by providing liquidity in the liquidity pool of their favorite pair.

    What is sharding?

    The literal meaning of shard is "a smaller part from a whole". Here sharding means partitioning the database into smaller data parts. Zilliqa is the first public blockchain that is completely built on sharded architecture. In this process, the division of the mining network into smaller groups is called shards. Sharded architecture helps in enhancing security and provides good flexibility to its developers.

    Smart Contract Address : zil1jy3g5j9w5njqwxuuv3zwkz9syyueelmu7g080v